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Industry post lockdown crises forced all the players to adjust to the new rules of the new reality. The importance of creativity and social responsibility position of the brands arises like never before. On the one hand, the vulnerable mood of customers creates additional risks and situation when the little mistake may cost a high price for the company reputation.

Big or small fashion businesses seem really to be #allinthistogether as long as the customers clearly  remember who contributed to the Covid-19 fight and who silently watched it from afar. On the other hand, the situational marketing of many brands was also blooming but turned out it didn’t buy the customers trust in a long term.

To understand more about the situation from the brands side I talked to the representative of the @pipatchara emerging brand whose “you give – we give” campaign contributed to the three Thailand’s provinces during the lockdown. Brand PANDEMIC RELIEF KIT bags is one of the creative expressions of adjustment to the new normality as well as same fashion masks.


How did the designer come up with the idea of the New survival kit (tube for antiseptic+ bag combo)?

As in this situation Covid – 19 Hand-sanitizer and mask are the most to-go items in daily life, Pipatchara’s design team has brought this idea to create our new PANDEMIC RELIEF 2020.  A bag designed for the most practical everyday use, PIPATCHARA’s PANDEMIC RELIEF 2020 bags are suitable for your favourite items to be fitted and easily grabbed for spontaneous use. Most importantly, every bag comes with a 75% alcohol gel and its fine leather holder!

Tell more about “You give- we give” campaign

“You give – we give“ campaign is a community campaign.  People who join this campaign doesn’t have to be our customers. Can be anyone who wants to be a part of doing something good! The idea of this project is to give people the idea of “Pay it forward”. Also, limited edition of PANDEMIC RELIEF 2020 bags has been launched particularly to offer an opportunity to take part in supporting the medical teams, who have served as our heroes during this hard time against the spread of Covid-19.  Each of the purchase of PIPATCHARA’s PANDEMIC RELIEF 2020 bag gives away 1 extra bag to the medical teams in Thailand’s 3 southern border provinces: Bangkok, Yala and Narathiwat. These bags are the “thank you” message for medical teams who have been working very hard throughout this situation.

Many fashion brands go through the difficulties now, how do you overcome it?

We know that this situation is hard for everyone. What we’re thinking is that we all have to go through this together. One will not survive, but only together we will. 
So, what we do at this moment is that we give as much as we can. We spread the love. We find some activities for our customers to do while staying at home. This doesn’t only help ourselves but also to others. Eventually, everything will go back as new-normal. And we all will continue. Before we haven’t shown our followers the inside activities. But during the lockdown, our brand has been working hard to create something that can be useful for our followers.

For instance we also 
1. Showed them how to make their own hand gel’s pocket;

2. How to plant the cactus on the Earth day;

3. Had Mini Amu toast challenge;

After these campaigns, we have received many good feedbacks from Instagram followers.


Thus, no matter how hard the crises hits the players, the ones with a real social impact and creativity always manage to swim out. Today’s realities requires from all of the stakeholders to learn more and to act wisely. The beautiful photos with captions on social media are no longer the main sales channel. Moreover, looking back at the beginning of the crises it’s a fact that by the accident, the cancellation of fashion weeks became an emergency call for global media attention. Some big brands like Armani, designers and bloggers pointed out on the problem and started the wave of donations to help out to sustain the medical system together with the governments. Nevertheless, there are also the ones who used the time for their profits under the cover of help.  Overpriced masks and antibacterial gels fulfilled the market as well. So-called situational marketing bared the faces of trend and profit catchers, hopefully, making the customers wiser in the long term.

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