Five emerging and unique Milanese brands with international roots.

1. Urban Kimono, an Italian premium brand with Russian roots and Japanese culture in DNA. Urban wearable style alongside the high-quality materials, beautiful colors and handmade makes each item a long-standing piece in every wardrobe.


2. Solorzano Tuc, an Italian brand coming from the North of Argentina, Tucuman. Simple but stylish hats with a wide variety of colors, that are inspired by the traditional Argentine gauchos can’t get unnoticed, yet, perfectly fit the urban lifestyle.


3. Soave cashmere, an Italian brand with Russian roots. For those who lead a comfy but chic lifestyle, dressing a’ la «Loro Piana” in 100% cashmere, modern and classic models, and, yet, decent prices.


4. Las Gringas by Annette Lima, an Italian brand with Brazilian roots. Contemporary brand following sustainable approach to fashion.


5. AMA Bags, an Italian brand with Ukrainian roots. One model is made in three sizes and fourteen colors because all you need is only one bag. Produced in Milan.