Han Sessions Art Exhibition in Milan: Recycled Art and design

Art and fashion often go hand in hand through time.  Art has always been the main inspiration for designers, brands, and fashion houses. Also, the situation when the artist collaborates or creates a print or a pattern for the fashion item/collection is a common occurrence. Here is one of the stories when an artist (@hansessions) created artistic patterns as a design for skateboards and develops a new recycled art concept.

What is “recycled Art” concept about?

Recycled art happened because I found the advertising company that had all the leftovers and overproduction piles of paper trashed every week, and as the paper comes from the trees, I thought that could be a good idea to use this paper as the main support of my art. Sometimes I use part of the color from the picture Itself, again saving some extra colors. Otherwise, I would just use the flip side, which is usually light blue or gray. Yet, I like that all those papers have a very big format.


Is it a short-term trend under sustainability or a different approach to rethinking Art in general? 

A lot of artistic processes could be very consuming in terms of materials usage, tapes, the layer of paint, etc. I like working with what I have or I can find. Thus, I believe restrictions could force lots of creativity. It can be a nice step when Art joins the sustainability approach. As for me, I already lead this lifestyle.

Do you think it has a commercial potential?

Yes, I see the art market growing a lot with the recent pandemic, looks like people care more about the comfort and pictures at home. I was impressed by the demand on my new series of these big posters, also I’m discovering the limits on working on this scale, like framing, weights, every challenge increases as well as the price policy and different (business) targets to reach. My art covers a large spectrum of style and content, so I’m lucky that I am capable to offer a lot. Yet, I see a nice change in values came with the pandemic, at some point it is a positive change.


Why did you decide to apply your Art on fashion (skateboard design)? 

I have a huge passion for skateboarding, it is a lifestyle that taught me to discover the world and myself, I practice daily until my legs do not hold. I run a small collection of skateboards under my brand, but it’s more to express my passion and to collaborate with other artists than for monetization. Also, sometimes I have the artwork orders for the companies because I have many friends in the skate Industry. 

“Seeing your artwork ruined due to the skateboard scratch under aggressive power is like a beautiful care of the work!”  – Han Sessions


How did you start your way as an artist? 

My father is a painter and a sculptor, my mother a photographer, so I grew up in artistic creative environment. When I was around 25 years old I focused seriously on Arts. I started with first local exhibitions, and later had the first sales. This experience showed me the concrete possibility to chase my life. 

What’s the idea behind your Art? 

I like to spread positivity, motivation, lights, and nice colors. I’m very instinctive, I like quick results, an impression, something that move you, and makes you feel very present in the moments. I like if people want to try to make art themselves after seeing my things. I see all the arts necessary for emancipation, theater, music, dance, painting. So, I see my role in inspiring people to follow their potential, and express themselves. Some people want to buy my art, and that is good too as I need fruits and food too. So, I’m glad that my work is spreading good vibes at homes or offices.