Dressed with emotions: wearing the “Art dress” by Marlon Brandao

How often do we feel like putting our emotions on and carrying them through the time until we take them off? Sounds like we wear them like clothes, right? Like a beautiful attire, we unzip a smile, otherwise, feeling the whole weight of troubles like we would wear, let`s say, a jumper we never liked: it just doesn`t feel comfortable. Now imagine there is a dress that literally has the emotions on painted by different people you never met and never probably will. What would you feel wearing it? 

But let`s start from the beginning.  Marlon Brandao (@maisonmarlonbrandao, https://marlonbrandao.com/ ) – designer, stylist, and actor had a goal to create a dress that suits every woman. He aimed to make a symbiosis between clothing, a model, and a customer. So, his Art dress “Emozione” (it. – emotions) was made live during the event where every guest was able to draw on that dress every emotion they felt at a moment.

When I heard this story, I was curious about how it feels like wearing lots of emotions from other people and how it would impact me meanwhile. So, I had this experience during the past MFW, wearing the “Emotion dress” a full MFW day. First of all, the loose fit makes the dress very comfortable for the urban dynamic lifestyle. It is easy to be styled and integrated into daily fashion street style. The emotion part came at a second step when people see and ask you what the dress stands for as it has the “peace” word on it. That`s when I actually started thinking of the details painted on. The big red heart, word “peace” in 3 languages, flowers, “bad girl”, ‘’LATE”  – symbols and words that have different emotions underneath.  As I wore it during MFW that was happening at a time with the conflict in Ukraine, those words and symbols made a clear statement for peace in my heart. For some people I met, it had the same association, for others – something different, global, or personal.  

photo: @Caoqiqi11

Also, for me this dress is a perfect benchmark for the fast fashion addicts: it reflects all the fast fashion items that have invisible patterns of the emotions of the underpaid workers who are involved in all the stages of production, unfair labour conditions and the negative impact on the ecology.  There can be many parallels made with the “Emozione” dress, as many as a whole spectrum of emotions and attitudes at a moment of time. Everybody chooses their own. What`s yours?

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