Brazilian fashion bohemia

Kel Ferey (KF), an eco-sustainable Brazilian brand, I was lucky to discover and to work with as a model.

The designer Kel Ferey has founded the brand in 2009. 10 years later besides an undoubtedly successful fashion show in Palazzo Visconti during one of the Milano Fashion Weeks 2019 I had a chance to see the collection live and even to try it on due to the shooting for the brand Instagram (designer @kel_ferey, brand @loja_kelferey). 

” I have always loved the world of fashion and art. I started in 2009 as an arts and cultural fashion merchant in Porto Seguro in Bahia, I owned an art and fashion gallery at Ferey Galeria, where we produced small collections from De Estação.”  – Kel Ferey

As the designer says the KF style is perfect for the women and men with a strong vision of the future, for those who give preference to the conscious shopping, who value the organic materials and the idea rather than the industrial production and fast fashion.

Bright, eye-catching clothes is a reflection of the lifestyle of the designer herself. The brand  Brazilian DNA is expressed in every single collection, each dress creates mood and attracts attention. Yet, sensual, elegant, unique, custom made clothes dyeing with fruits, plant sap and colors also showing that it is possible to preserve nature with great elegance. The prints and designs reveal the Brazilian mood and nature to the world. Through fluid and fabrics, the designer wants to lead her clients to go beyond the internal borders and to pursue their goals confidently.

” The brand was born in search of conscious consumption, a greener production and a history, it speaks about personal behavior, identity and the means of production. ” – Kel Ferey 

Bohemian looking and delicate materials (some feels like natural silk when touched), yet, in practice are recyclable and reusable fabrics. The brand has the “EcoLabel” and all the fabrics produced by the Eco Simple factory.

” On the journey of becoming a fashion designer and, for sure, constantly being a fashion consumer, I felt the need to be more conscious both personally and through my brand. Thus, while seeking brands identity I asked myself: “What makes my brand different from others in the market?” I believe each designer should follow the idea of sustainability. ” – Kel Ferey 


Developing the beachwear segment on the market, KF in partnership with the Darcy Dias Beach Wear brand (@ddarcydias) work with Men’s and Women’s Fashion. The beachwear line is also eco-sustainable and using Lycra Vita fabrics (78% Polyamide and 22% Elastane) produced by Carvico and approved by Eko-Tex.  


To purchase the brand collections is possible on Instagram. Both personal and brand Instagram of Kel Ferey are colorful, vibrant, filled with incredible positive energy and love of life. Each photo and video does not give a drop of doubt in the sincere cheerfulness of the designer. She works hard and yet, she is happy to share every day with her followers.

Now the brand has only online sales via the Instagram profile @loja_kelferey. The production is quite limited: about 3 pieces per each unique model, making in total 65 pieces per collection. 

” My intention is to increase annual production to 200 pieces. The goal is not to lose the essence and brand awareness. ” – Kel Ferey 


The media list promoting Kel Ferey brand is impressive: it has been featured by Vogue Italy and Brazil, Overdose Magazine, Glamor Magazine, Archivethe Mag, Banana Magazine, Cartola Magazine, Fashion Poussey, Uslifestyle Magazine, Fashion Week Online, 33 Magazine and etc.

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